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Travel & Lokal | 14.9MB | Perbarui: 2016-12-02 | Versi: 1.0 | Butuh: Android4.0 or later

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I would like to recommend you an application with large number of downloaders. 20,000+ users downloaded Flock latest version on 9Apps for free every week! It is simply to learn how to use it. This hot app was released on 2016-12-02. Be sure that you check your current app before you start a run.
Don’t you hate it when you get lost in subway stations or worse, the exit you want to take is on the farthest end of the station. Well, those days will be long gone because we have found a solution.
After months of tireless development and data collection, our amazing user friendly app is almost ready. With our app "Flock" you will know which car you should be in for the closest and most convenient exit (along with elevators and escalators). It also navigates you to the nearest entrance when you are lost in places like Times Square (WOO HOOO!!!!).
With our elevator and escalator information, we are also helping elderly and physically disabled people to travel the MTA subway without any hassles or fear. They would the exact car and location of the elevator or escalator.
We have amazing features lined up to offer in our later versions, and we promise, we won’t let you down.
We do apologize for a few things:
1) Since we have developed our own algorithm for navigation, it is a bit slow compared to Google and other navigation apps. Please give us time and we will make it more efficient.
2) We also apologize if we gave wrong information or information is missing. It is completely unintentional and we will update our database constantly.
3) Since we are not giving train schedules at the moment, we apologize if we are not able to give the accurate schedule of the trip along with disruptions.
4) Currently, this app only works for the MTA subway and the 4 boroughs of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx. Soon, we will release all the boroughs and all the other public transportation systems.
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1) Get to know which car you should be in for the nearest exit.
2) Get to know the elevator or escalator location.

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